About Us

Swimming pool and industrial chemicals distributor


Esbro, located at the Port of Redwood City, was founded in 1968 by Irv and Sharon Bloomquist. It began as a small chemical and pool supplies distributor and today Esbro has grown to be one of the largest distributor in the Bay Area. In 2013 Esbro became owned and operated by the Castaneda and Perez’s families which have worked at Esbro for many years. Esbro attempts to provide the best customer service possible and competitive prices to customers. A tight-knit group of friends and extended families form the foundation of Esbro with a commitment to provide hard work and honesty.


In loving memory of Rogelio Castaneda

April 14th 1949 — July 17th 2014


In Memory of Rogelio Castaneda

In loving memory of Rogelio, who was a great mentor, friend, co-worker and, most importantly, as a genuine human being. Esbro and your family still deeply feel your loss, but we have grown and learned from all your great advice. He worked for Esbro since the late 1970s and gave everything for this company. He sadly passed away on the job from a sudden heart attack in the summer of 2014. Rogelio, you will never be forgotten and your legacy will live forever. Thank you for all your hard work.